Space Handels GmbH
Strietfeld 1
Germany 17209 Walow
011 49 39932 12640
011 49 39932 12641

3mm.gif (2595 Byte) 45mm.gif (2337 Byte) 75mm.gif (2551 Byte) 135mm.gif (2585 Byte)
1/8" / 3 mm
3/16" / 4.5mm
~5/16" / 7.5mm
~1/2" / 13.5mm

It is important to keep up with new developments, as one of the ways in which customers judge a company is by its working methods. This fact was taken into consideration when developing Space.

Space consists of a plan-parallel disk with a wedge-shaped inclined piece, seven recesses and a groove with funnel-shaped insertion. There are holding lips, which prevent horizontal and vertical slipping within this groove. Clip-in teeth and guiding ridges are present on the topside and underside of the plan-parallel disk. Space is made from polyethylene or polypropylene and is therefore fully recyclable. The thermal load capacity ranges from 5°F – 165°F (-15°C to 75°C). In each of the combinations specified in the diagram below, Space has a load-bearing capacity of  2866 lbs (1.3 metric tons) at full force without distortion.

The advantages of Space include:

  • No compression, even under load pressure!
  • Insertion groove, click-in tooth and guiding ridges prevent slipping in any direction
  • Holding lips prevent slipping out during vertical use
  • Breaking off or splintering is almost completely avoided by the use of polyethylene or polypropylene
  • Only one Space-wedge is required in more than 50% of possible uses, removing   the need for a counter wedge
  • There are only four different colored basic parts which can be easily combined to achieve any thickness

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