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Height compensation elements

Product description

Areas of application:
  • Roofing trade
  • Carpentry
  • Fašade construction
  • Element fitting
  • Floors
  • Interior work
  • Assembly set


Customers have been demanding higher quality from the building trade over the past few years. A professional solution for height compensation has therefore become necessary.

The use of wedges made out of wood or plastic still causes the following problems:
  • Wood wedges shrink or rot and therefore present a danger for the stability of foundations
  • Generally, the disadvantage of wedges is that a counter-wedge is always needed to avoid an inclined plane
  • Wedges used for height compensation often disturb adjacent elements as wedges cannot be completely concealed by the structural elements resulting in the ends having to be removed
  • Production of levelling pieces and wedges on-site is very time consuming and thus diminishes the profitability of your company



Product description
  1. plane parallel face-plate
  2. wedge-shaped piece
  3. clip-in groove with one tooth
  4. clip-in line with teeth
  5. guiding groove
  6. guiding ridge
  7. holding lip
  8. nail, screw and peg insertion
  9. funnel-shaped insertion assistance
  10. recesses
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